The title track, "Where I'm Supposed to Be", written by Haley Chapman and Thomas Barsoe is a strong statement of taking action and responsibility in one's life and finding strength in the journey

"Grateful" was written by Melissa Lauren and Thomas Barsoe about acknowledging the value of people who impact our lives for good.

"Waves", by Phillip Halloun, Briauna Bosanko, Kaitlyn Weathers, and Thomas Barsoe explores the  frustration and desperation of the giver" in a relationship where one party is not as invested as the other.  

"Apology Not Accepted", by Melissa Andrews and Briauna Bosanko, is fast becoming a fan favorite.  A strong sassy statement of steeling one's heart against the pain of a breakup is catchy, memorable, and relevant.

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THE EP - "Where I'm Supposed to Be"


Apology Not Accepted

The song "Gracie" was written by Thomas Barsoe about a real life event and carries the weight of the deep conviction of both the composer and Melissa Lauren to inspire listeners to act rather than stand on the sidelines while hoping for a better tomorrow.  The heart wrenching music video, "Gracie", on YouTube on the Melissa Lauren Music channel directed by Mehdi Avaz is beautifully artistic.


My first single released with Sony Music/OC Hit Factory!  Pentatonic Productions did an amazing job on the video!  Thanks tons, Alex!   Load of appreciation to my amazing record producer, Thomas Barsoe!